Dundas Loop

October 16 2016

In preparation of our SK challenge I wanted to explore the Northern section of the route from Putara to Dundas. In the planning the route we had two options.  One was the Dundas loop the other was a Banister loop.


The day was looking mint, as we drove to Putara we could see a good dump of snow on Holdsworth, I was thinking I should have packed my snow running spikes.

As we got to the tops it was windy, cold and cloudy, we got to the Dundas hut turn off and decided that was far enough. Once we got off the ridge it was beautiful and sunny. But the track was another story. The route from the river below Dundas to the Ruamahanga was horrible, I will take the river next time. The the climb from the Ruamahanga to Cattle Ridge was the steepest I have been on, lots of it was 40 degrees. Here are a few clips.

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